Gardening tips for February

As the days begin to lengthen, early spring bulbs and Snowdrops start to colour the bare earth. And longer days mean you can spend longer in the garden, doing some of the tasks below...


  • Lightly trim winter flowering Heathers when the flowers die off
  • Divide Snowdrops after flowering
  • Plant Lily of the Valley Crowns
  • Prune summer flowering shrubs


  • Tie in wall trained fruit trees and bushes
  • Set Peaches, Vines and Nectarines into growth in a greenhouse
  • Check stored fruit and discard any that are rotting
  • Complete the pruning of fruit trees


  • Dig any unworked vacant ground
  • Dig and store any root crops still in the ground
  • Check stored vegetables and discard any that are rotting


  • Keep off in frosty weather
  • Ensure that the mower is serviced
  • Spike lawns to aid drainage


  • Plant new Grape Vines
  • Check the glass is not loose after high winds
  • Sow Sweet Peas for planting out later
  • Clean out accumulated rubbish in preparation for spring
  • Check that the heating system still works

General Tasks

  • Provide food and water for garden birds

Plants at their best

Rhododendron Praecox, Thuja 'Rheingold'
Contorted Hazel
Lenten Rose
Silktassel Bush
Elephant's Ears
Clematis Armandii