Gardening tips for August

Transition your garden from summer into autumn with ease by following our insider tips and key themes for August. From growing fruit and veg to cleaning up your garden pond, there's plenty of options to keep your garden in shape.   



  • Keep your hanging baskets looking good with daily watering and weekly feeding.
  • Give Camellias some TLC with regular watering as now they'll be forming next year's flower buds. Dead heading sweet peas is also a must to maximise the flowering season.
  • Maintain your roses by picking and spraying frequently. Encourage climbing roses by tying in growth.

Fruit & Vegetables

  • Pick ripe raspberries and remove straw from underneath strawberries. Prune all summer varieties down to ground level and ensure netting on fruit cages hasn't worn.
  • Support brussel sprouts and potatoes by earthing them up, and continue to water onions to get the most out of your crop.
  • Love fresh plants? Sow salad crops into soil now to keep them coming.


 General Housekeeping

  • Maintain a humid greenhouse by dampening the floor each morning and close vents when the temperature drops. 
  • Look after your pond and prevent disease by keeping filters clear and removing any weeds. 
  • Ensure a clear garden path by cleaning the slabs with algicide and satisfy your garden's hunger with a granular fertiliser e.g. Rose Plus or Growmore. 

Plants at their best

English Rose
Evening Primrose
Globe Thistle
Day Lily
Russian Sage