Yankee Candle

In 1969, a 16 year old, Mike Kittredge, needed to find a Christmas present for his mother. Without the funds to purchase a gift, he creates a candle from wax, crayons, string and a milk carton, which he then sells to a neighbour and uses the money to buy enough wax to make 2 more candles – one for his mother, and one to sell on. Yankee Candle started as hand-crafted candles made in the Kittredge family kitchen, grew to one retail shop with the help of Mike’s dad, and now boasts over 575 retail outlets and more than 35000 authorised retailers worldwide.

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Yankee Candle has become one of the most iconic candle brands throughout the world. The company has expanded its range to offer over 150 fragrances as well as seasonal scented candles, fresheners for cars, home fragrance products and a plethora of candle accessories.

The aim of the company is to make the buyer’s house welcoming through the use of specially created fragrances. These high quality scents are developed and rigorously tested by master perfumers, in order to bring that special ambiance into your home.

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The company has a very strong charitable giving ethic and say “We’re all about brightening lives through supporting the community”, and this is focussed around western Massachusetts. 

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So whether you enjoy subtle scents or something a bit headier, there is bound to be something to suit in the Yankee Candle collection. Discover the fragrance of the month here.

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