Thorntons Chocolates

When you think about purchasing a chocolate gift, or fancy a little bit of chocolate deliciousness for yourself, the chances are that Thorntons Chocolates will spring to mind.


In 1911, Joseph William Thornton was a travelling confectioner who decided to open a sweet shop in Sheffield.  He installed his 14-year old son, Norman, to manage the shop with the premise that he was to “make this the best sweet shop in town”, and Joseph then went back to his day-job.

The shop proved so popular that Norman employed his brother, Stanley, and they created sweet treats, such as ‘Violet Cachous’ and ‘Phul-Nanas’.  By the 1920s, the brothers developed their business to include hand-made chocolate truffles, crystallised fondants and toffee. 

From this small beginning, Thorntons have become a name synonymous with chocolates, toffee and other sweet treats.  The company has grown, but the fundamental love of sweet things and the use of the finest ingredients still shine through, making their products something that everyone would love to receive as a gift.

Thorntons Chocolate

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