The British Quinoa Company

The British Quinoa Company

The British Quinoa Company began in 2006 when founder Stephen Jones, a sixth generation farmer, began his mission to grow British quinoa on his Father's farm. Having experimented with many different varieties of quinoa, Stephen and his team eventually identified the best type of quinoa, along with the ideal conditions and care needed for a successful harvest. This means you can enjoy a healthy and more traceable alternative to imported quinoa with this delicious, British grown good.  

Having been featured on BBC Escape to The Country, Superfoods: The Real Story, and awarded The Grocer Top New Talent 2016, The British Quinoa Company is certainly one to watch. A recognised superfood of the 21st century, we're proud to stock a number of dried grains from The British Quinoa Company that have been given the seal of approval from the Vegetarian Society. You can find the below varieties at your local Dobbies:

  • British white quinoa - wholegrains featuring a light, nutty flavour.
  • British toasted quinoa - with notes of caramel and peanut, toasted grains are full of flavour.
  • British quinoa flakes - small grains have been rolled and lightly toasted to create tasty flakes. Perfect for porridge, cereals, smoothies and creating an array of delicious home-baked goods. 

The British Quinoa Company Varieties

Quinoa provides a tasty, healthy alternative to pasta, rice or couscous plus it's a great source of protein and fibre. Each variety features cooking guidance on its packaging - so whether you're familiar with quinoa or new to this seed, the step-by-step guidance guarantees a successful cooking experience. From vegetable fritters and burgers to cookies and even coconut breakfast porridge, the possibilities are endless with this versatile ingredient. 

Explore The British Quinoa Company range at your local Dobbies and take a look at our recipes for more culinary inspiration.