Sweet Pea Pantry

Sweet Pea Pantry Owners

Sweet Pea Pantry was founded by two busy friends who were struggling to find any nutritious ready mixes on supermarket shelves. Short on time but big on food, the pair set about their mission of making sure all busy people had access to great tasting, easy mixes for meals, treats and snacks that weren't high in sugar.


Today, all of Sweet Pea Pantry's products contain nutrients, fibre, texture and flavour with no nasty additives. They've also successfully developed a 'free-from' range to cater for a number of dietary requirements and allergies. Each mix contains blended ingredients which are ready to go with easy to follow instructions, meaning you can make healthier versions of your favourite bakes and goods.

Sweet Pea Pantry Product Range   

With 7 Great Taste Awards and 1 Free From Award under their belt the Sweet Pea Pantry are on to a winner. Explore the range at your local Dobbies now; here are just a few of our favourites:


  • Ginger Giggles Biscuit Mix with barley and rye - a fun baking mix for all the family.
  • Chocolate Giggles Biscuit Mix with raw cacao and barley - a tasty baking mix for all the family.
  • Super Oat Flapjack with quinoa - a delicious, gluten-free mix.

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