Loch Fyne


Loch Fyne Oysters was founded by landowner Johnny Noble and marine biologist Andy Lane, who set up their first oyster farm on the shores of Loch Fyne in 1978.  They sold shellfish and fish from a roadside stall.  This small business soon gained a reputation for the high quality and exceptional flavour of the seafood, and this led to the development of a smokehouse along with an oyster bar by the side of the Loch. The reputation for supreme seafood continued to grow, and the business expanded.  The sister company, Loch Fyne Restaurants, now has 35 restaurant sites throughout the UK, which provide fresh, sustainably sourced seafood, much of which still comes from the original farms.

Loch Fyne History

The philosophy of the company is encompassed by a Gaelic saying which translates as “How worthy of honour is the sea” – ‘enterprise with respect for animals, people and ecology’.  It has strict environmental and quality guidelines to ensure that the business minimises its impact on the planet, liaising with bodies such as the Marine Conservation Society.  Loch Fyne Oysters still supply oysters, mussels and langoustines from the loch, where they are committed to the support and protection of the natural ecology and coastal communities of the area.  They also make sure that any other fish or seafood that the company provides originates from a sustainable resource, including full traceability throughout the supply chain.  In 2017, the company was presented with an Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) Bivalve Standard Certification for the responsible farming of Blue Mussels – the first company in the world to receive it.

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As the company says, “The guiding principal behind Loch Fyne Oysters is to present the best in authentic Scottish seafood whilst minimising our environmental impact and making a positive contribution to the community we are proud to call home”.

Loch Fyne Bradan Orach

 We are pleased to stock Loch Fyne at Aberdeen, Ayr, Braehead, Livingston, Melville, Milngavie, Stirling and Dunfermline. Explore what's available at  your local Dobbies Garden Centre.

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