Lily's Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen was named after and created for Lily, the adorable and beloved border terrier of Henrietta Morrison. As a puppy, Lily suffered from painfully itchy skin that no amount of ointment or cream could clear up. So, at the suggestion of her vet brother, Henrietta turned to Lily’s diet for answers. After taking a closer look at the labels of a few of her usual pet foods, she discovered most contained little or no real meat, but included artificial colours and flavours and cheap fillers of little nutritional value. Concerned this was the root cause of Lily's skin condition, Henrietta started to cook her food from scratch, using natural ingredients like real meat and tasty fruits and vegetables. After two weeks, Henrietta was stunned – Lily’s skin and fur looked better than ever.

Lily Food

Henrietta knew she had to share her delicious recipes with other pet owners who also wanted a truly nutritious meal they could trust to be the best for their pet. After two years working with vets, nutritionists and eager doggy tastetesters, Lily’s Kitchen was born. And nine years on, Henrietta regularly gets letters from grateful pet owners who have discovered the benefits of feeding a natural diet to their four-legged family.

Lily Tins
Lily’s Kitchen know that wholesome, proper food is just the start when it comes to looking after your pets. From treading carefully on the planet to actively engaging in the pet community, Lily’s Kitchen do what they can to make every dog’s world a better place. And when it comes to the food, they choose to use recyclable or compostable packaging where possible, responsibly sourced ingredients and donate lots of nutritious meals to cats and dogs in need. So when you choose Lily’s Kitchen, you can feel great that you’re feeding proper food to your pet and taking care of their world as well.

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Lily’s Kitchen pet foods are available to buy now from selected Dobbies Garden Centres.

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