Laithwaite’s was founded in 1969.  The founder, Tony Laithwaite, was a young geography student in 1965, and took a job as a bottle washer in a Bordeaux winery.  He says, “ Have you ever enjoyed something so much that you wanted – straightaway – to share it with friends and family.  That happened to me 50 years ago and I have not stopped sharing ever since.”  By the time he left the job, he had fallen in love with wine, those that make it and their obsession to make the best wine possible. 


Determined to share his experience of lovely wines, he was encouraged to bring some home, so he hired a van to share his love with friends at home … telling them the stories behind the people who made the wine.  The venture proved a great success, and soon other winemakers across Europe wanted to be involved.  Premises were opened and now, 50 years later, the company deals with over 450 talented winemakers around the world, still sticking to the premise of knowing every maker personally.

As Tony Laithwaite says, “Wine, done right, really is such a personal thing; it’s best that way.”  He believes that ‘great wines can’t be mass produced, and the best come from passionate winemakers who work on a smaller scale than those that supply the supermarkets’.

We are pleased to stock Laithwaite's at Aberdeen, Ayr, Braehead, Livingston, Melville, Milngavie, Stirling, Dunfermline and Sandyholm. Explore what's available at your Dobbies Garden Centre.

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