Joe & Seph's

Joe Sephs

The company name, Joe & Seph’s, was created to show the two sides of founder, Joseph Sopher’s, role – the gourmet popcorn chef (Joe) and the connoisseur (Seph). 

Joseph Sopher’s love of popcorn began after he regularly brought flavoured popcorn back from the States.  He couldn’t find anything like it in the UK, so he decided to try to improve on the American-style popcorn.  British popcorn is usually popped in an oil and sugar mix, so he decided to air-pop his extra large kernels of corn and coat it in smooth caramel.  He also discovered that, using 100% natural ingredients and a ‘flavour-sequencing’ process, he could produce popcorn whose flavour ‘flourished’ as it was eaten.  The next step was to create a selection of flavours, including savoury choices. 

Joe Sephs Popcorn

Burnt pans and late night tastings led to a product that was presented at a food show in 2010 and sold out in just two days!  Success!  Joseph, Jackie, his wife, and Adam, his eldest son, founded ‘Joe & Seph’s’. 

The popcorn is handmade by a small team in the company’s kitchen in London, using the finest natural ingredients, and the menu of flavours caters for every taste bud – from classic caramel to gingerbread latte, from gin and tonic to marmite – currently a list of over 50 choices.  The company also produce a selection of 10 handmade smooth caramel sauces.  

With more than 34 Great Taste Awards to their name, it seems like the company’s ‘mission to produce the best tasting popcorn in the world’ has already been proved a great success.