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Enjoy a treat from Hotel Chocolat now available at selected Dobbies stores. Hotel Chocolat’s award-winning selection has something for every chocolate lover – from yummy gift boxes to mouth-watering minis.

Hotel Chocolat was founded to make people happy. Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris built it on three unwavering pillars: authenticity, originality and ethics. One of the few chocolate makers to grow their own cocoa, on their eco-conscious plantation in the grounds of their hotel in Saint Lucia (yes, you can stay there too), they connect the world of sustainable cocoa agriculture with the hedonism of top-quality chocolate. This makes them unique in the UK, and gives them an unrivalled understanding of what impacts the taste of their chocolate, right from the growing tree.


Hotel Chocolat’s mantra has always been ‘More Cocoa, Less Sugar’. High levels of sugar are not only bad for you, but they dull cocoa’s exquisite flavours too, denying you notes such as citrus, coffee and brownie, and masking the quality so poorer cocoa can be used. But of all their real, natural ingredients (they use nothing artificial, ever),– cocoa will always be number one, even in white chocolate.

They also know where their ideas come from. Every month their chocolatiers and chocolate sculptress craft new recipes and dream up new designs in their Cambridgeshire Inventing Room for their subscription Tasting Club.


Hotel Chocolat have never played by the rules of what people said chocolate should be. They’ve made their Easter eggs ridiculously thick but snappable, and their idea of a chocolate bar is their iconic Grand Slab, inspired by the shape molten chocolate takes when poured onto a chocolatier’s table. They’ve created the world’s first single-côte chocolate, developed their own chocolate genre, Supermilk, and innovated with cocoa drinks including their Chocolat Cream Liqueur.


Hotel Chocolat have a deep sense of fairness. They work directly with farmers all over the globe, believing that they deserve respect and a fair deal, and their Engaged Ethics programme continues to transform the lives of many in Ghana and Saint Lucia.

For customers, they never put seasonal products into sale before the big day, so that early buyers can buy with confidence. And for future generations, they’re reducing waste: you’ll find premium chocolates that don’t look quite right in their Ugly But Good bags, and they use every part of the cacao bean, down to the malty shells in their cocoa beer.

Hotel Chocolat is available at:

Edinburgh, Livingston, Dunfermline, Dundee, Aberdeen, Stirling, Milngavie, Braehead, Ayr, Ashford, Gillingham, Liverpool, Chesterfield, Atherstone, Peterborough, Milton Keynes, Cirencester  and  Ponteland.














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