Cheeky Chompers


The Scottish company, Cheeky Chompers, was started by Amy Livingstone and Julie Wilson to plug a gap in the nursery market.  Whilst on maternity leave awaiting their first babies, and after experience of their friends’ teething babies’ issues, the duo decided to reinvent teethers to make them more baby and parent friendly - by attaching them to the child, and combining the concept of a dribble bib and teether so that it can’t be dropped on the ground. 



After a great deal of work, research, trials and sourcing a UK manufacturer, their Neckerchew was launched in 2013.  Their product range continues to expand with the Comfortchew in 2014, and more recently, Chewy the teething hippo and the Cheeky Blanket.  After being contacted by parents of children and adults with special needs, they have also developed a medium and large-sized Neckerchew to meet those requirements too. 

Cheeky Chompers

Their products are now sold in at least 29 countries around the world and they were nominated for the HSBC Scottish Export Award in 2016.  The long list of awards and nominations that the company has received, including a gold award from the and finalist in the Australian Mother & Baby magazine awards, both in 2016, clearly demonstrates that this seemingly simple idea has proved its worth to parents, babies and children the world over.  

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