Handed down from generation to generation over time, our secret Borsari recipes blend fragrance and softness together to give each product its unique flavour.

BonsariTime for the right ingredients
We pride ourselves on using ingredients that are 100% natural, fresh, authentic and of the very best quality.

Time invested in the dough
The ingredients are mixed slowly for more than six hours in the first phase of preparation. After this, the dough follows a natural and controlled leavening. Our secret here is patience: we give the dough all the time it needs to develop smoothness and softness.

Time for cooking and packaging
Our creations are baked under the watchful eyes of our master pastry chefs. When a panettone has the classic golden colouring and emanates scents of butter and vanilla, it is ready to be cooled upside down. Once the assorted delicious fillings and toppings are added, it can be beautifully hand-wrapped.

We have taken all the time required to make the perfect panettones. We want you to simply take the time to sample and enjoy our products, whether for a special occasion or just as a family treat.

Bonsari Product

Borsari Panettones, supplied by Tenuta Marmorelle, are available to buy now from selected Dobbies garden centres.

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