The Little Botanical

The Little Botanical 450X300

The Little Botanical’s mission is to inspire more people to make plants part of their lives and show how easy it is to bring plants into your home.

For four generations, they have been growing ornamental plants for people to enjoy in the homes at part of Hills Plants. With The Little Botanical’s range, they have taken all those years of experience and combined them into a single offer that enables you to enjoy houseplants and feel part of a larger community of plant enthusiasts.

The Little Botanical

Each plant is carefully sourced and the pots are designed to help give your plant the best life possible. Their close relationships with the world’s plant breeders and growers combined with their designers creates a plant that will enhance the look of any indoor space. Not only do they instantly transform a room but the benefits of bringing nature into your interior space is hugely underrated. Plants that are easy to care for help reduce the constant stresses of modern life.  

Succulents By The Little Botanical

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