Golden Grove Nursery

Golden Grove Family Photo

Golden Grove Nursery was founded by Roger and Jenny Ward in 1975. Fascinated by the diversity and versatility of conifers, Roger started collecting them as a hobby and soon got Jenny enthusiastic about their potential in the garden. A thriving business grew and over the last 40 years this family run business has developed its expertise, now growing over 200 varieties.

Golden Grove Logo

The nursery now extends to 26 acres and is run by Roger and Jenny’s son, Tim and his wife Karolina. 95% of the conifers on the nursery are propagated by the team at Golden Grove, either by cuttings or grafts and are nurtured for 2 to 5 years before being sold. Plant care is a top priority on the nursery and each variety is trimmed and spaced where necessary to ensure that it grows to its full potential in its natural shape. The business continues to develop new varieties, each carefully selected to suit the urban garden and patio planting. In more recent years, Roger and Jenny’s daughter, Zoe has joined the team to help run the business and promote the role of the conifer in the modern garden.

Golden Grove Nursery From Above

With years of experience under their belts, the team at Golden Grove have built up a comprehensive range of quality conifers so that whatever the size of garden there is always a conifer suitable for bringing structure and focus to it. With different shapes, colours, textures or growth habits in abundance, conifers are the heart of the garden all year round. 

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