Tips for A Happy Lawn

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How to: Maintain a lawn

Lawns are usually at the heart of a garden. Give yours a little TLC with our guide.


Why Do I Need To Maintain My Lawn In Spring?

Spring maintenance is the key to a healthy summer lawn. Find out why you should maintain your lawn and the key tasks.


Which Lawn Mower Is Best For You?

Read our complete guide to different types of lawn mower and which will suit you best.


How to: Aerate a lawn

Want the perfect lawn? Guarantee beautiful results by improving drainage, getting rid of moss and top dressing - just follow our guide.


How to: Love your lawn

Stop your lawn getting unruly this Autumn with our top tips.


Weedkiller Tip

Pesky weeds popping up in your garden? Zap them without damaging any of your luscious lawn with our handy trick.


10 ways to boost your lawn this autumn

From raising mower blades to improving drainage, check out out top 10 lawncare tips.