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How to: Grow Potatoes for Christmas

Imagine serving up your very own delicious, homegrown potatoes, fresh from your garden for your Christmas meal. Now you can with our guide.


How to: Create a herb pyramid

Grow your own herbs in style with our space-saving Herb Pyramid idea.


How to: Grow tomatoes

Once you’ve tasted a home-grown tomato you’ll never look back – they're bursting with flavour and easy to grow! Win, win.


How to: Fix Tomato Problems

Here's our roundup of common tomato problems and how to nip them in the bud.


How to: Create a herb garden

Fresh herbs make all the difference to home cooking, adding delicious zing and flavour to salads, stews and roasts.


How to: Speedy windowsill crops

It’s possible to grow tasty crops on a windowsill, meaning it’s easy to get a home-grown fix if you don’t have much outdoor space.


How to: Grow Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is easy to grow, either in a raised bed or straight into your garden.


How to: Grow tasty carrots - Part 1

Home-grown carrots are delicious, and the flavour of one pulled straight from the ground is far better than anything you can buy in a shop.


How to: Grow delicious peas - Part 1

Delicious and easy to grow too, which means anyone can have a piece of the action.


Grow your own salad

Salad is one of the easiest crops to grow - so perfect if you're new to growing your own or gardening with kids.


How to: Guide to Companion Planting

Did you know that certain plants and vegetables can protect other plants from insects and diseases?


How to: Sow salad leaves

Grow your own salad leaves and save pounds off the price of shop-bought bags.


How to: Sow seeds

Seeing a plant grow from a tiny seed is one of the most exciting things about gardening.


How to: Guide To Perennial Herbs

Imagine how nice it would be to step outside and harvest your own herbs. Choose perennials and they’ll provide flavour year after year.


How to: Grow tasty carrots - Part 2

Watch part 2 of our grow your own carrots trilogy.


How to: Grow delicious peas - Part 2

Watch part 2 of our delicious peas series and give it a go.


11 Ways To Use Garden Grow Bags

Grow bags are great for growing tomatoes, there’s no doubt about that – and that’s what many gardeners use them for. But you can use them for lots of other fruit and veg too.


How to: Grow delicious garlic

Garlic is one of the most versatile ingredients around, adding a delicious flavour to roasts, sauces, casseroles and more.


Beginners Guide To Growing Potatoes

If you're new to growing your own crops then potatoes are a great vegetable to start with.


How to: Grow perfect potatoes

Just imagine a steaming bowl of new potatoes, sprinkled with fresh mint and melting butter – what could be more perfect? Find out how to grow your own.


How to: Know Your Potatoes

Get to know the humble spud and all the different potato varieties, including what makes the best mash, in our handy guide.


How to: Grow garlic

Growing garlic is simple. Just plant individual cloves and they’ll miraculously transform into bulbs within a few months.


How to: Grow strawberries

Growing your own crop of sweet, delicious strawberries couldn’t be easier with our step-by-step video.