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How to: Know Your Potatoes

Get to know the humble spud and all the different potato varieties, including what makes the best mash, in our handy guide.


How to: Guide to Companion Planting

Did you know that certain plants and vegetables can protect other plants from insects and diseases?


How to: Grow perfect potatoes

Just imagine a steaming bowl of new potatoes, sprinkled with fresh mint and melting butter – what could be more perfect? Find out how to grow your own.


How to: Grow garlic

Growing garlic is simple. Just plant individual cloves and they’ll miraculously transform into bulbs within a few months.


How to: Grow onions

Growing onions is simple with big rewards. Our tips apply to red and white onions so you’ll have a crop that can be used in salads, casseroles, sauces and more.


How to: Speedy windowsill crops

It’s possible to grow tasty crops on a windowsill, meaning it’s easy to get a home-grown fix if you don’t have much outdoor space.


How to: Grow Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is easy to grow, either in a raised bed or straight into your garden.


How to: Fix Tomato Problems

Here's our roundup of common tomato problems and how to nip them in the bud.


How to: Grow tomatoes

Once you’ve tasted a home-grown tomato you’ll never look back – they're bursting with flavour and easy to grow! Win, win.


How to: Grow tasty carrots - Part 1

Home-grown carrots are delicious, and the flavour of one pulled straight from the ground is far better than anything you can buy in a shop.


How to: Grow delicious peas - Part 1

Delicious and easy to grow too, which means anyone can have a piece of the action.


How to: Grow sweet peas

Sweet peas make brilliant cut flowers. They’re easy to sow too, with big seeds that are easy to handle and quick to sprout, there are few flowers that are more rewarding to grow.


How to: Grow strawberries

Growing your own crop of sweet, delicious strawberries couldn’t be easier with our step-by-step video.


How to: Grow sunflowers - Part 2

Check out part two of our sunflower series for the next steps.


How to: Grow your own fruit

Imagine harvesting fresh fruit from your own back garden – crunchy apples, juicy raspberries, tangy gooseberries and more could all be there for the picking.


Grow your own salad

Salad is one of the easiest crops to grow - so perfect if you're new to growing your own or gardening with kids.


How to: Grow delicious garlic

Garlic is one of the most versatile ingredients around, adding a delicious flavour to roasts, sauces, casseroles and more.