Fabulous Flying Insects: How To Sow A Ladybird Friendly Plant


Teach your little ones all about how different plants attracting insects. Did you know that cosmos attract lacewings and hoverflies? Have a go together at attracting some ladybirds to your garden by sowing nasturtium seeds. This is a plant that aphids love so that means the ladybirds love it too! Talk your kids through the steps below:

  1. Fill the plant pot with compost, firm it down and make a hole with your little finger
  2. Drop in a nasturtium/cosmos seed and cover over with compost and firm down again
  3. Water the pot
  4. Write nasturtium on your label and pop it in the pot
  5. Now you'll need to put this pot somewhere warm and sunny at home like a kitchen windowsill or a sheltered spot in the garden and make sure the compost stays damp.
  6. Once the seed has grown into a small plant, you can carefully take it out and move it into a bigger pot which will be easier to keep well watered when the weather is hot - and it will give the plant more space to grow.

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