Make A Paper Rose


Make a paper rose with your little ones in their favourite colours by following the steps below.

  1. Cut out template shapes on pre-printed coloured or white paper. If you opt for white then your kids can have fun colouring these in. Use more than one colour of paper to make a multi-coloured rose. 
  2. Put glue on the last petal of each set, wrap it round and stick the other end of the petals to it to form 4 cones.
  3. Put the cones of petals inside each other, smallest in the centre to largest at the outside.
  4. Put the point of the cone on top of an eraser and use a sharp pencil to make a hole through the centre of the group (you may need to do this for your child)
  5. Put a small coil at one end of your pipe cleaner and thread the other end through the centre of the rose
  6. Pull it so the coiled end sits at the centre of the rose
  7. Twit the other end around the outside base of the rose to hold it in place but leave a length straight for the stem.
  8. Make your rose look more realistic by bending the top of the petals

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