How To Make Perfume


Teach your children all about roses and their scent by making your own perfume together. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Ask your child which part of the rose they think gives off its lovely scent? Allow them to guess before explaining that it's the petals. Now you can have a go at making some scented water together
  2. Gather a selection of rose petals from your garden along with some other garden ingredients. Lavender, jasmine and honeysuckle flowers all make great options. If you don't have these in your garden, pop into your local Dobbies where you'll find a selection of scented plants.
  3. Place all the ingredients in a bowl.
  4. Hand your child a jam jar without a lid and a spoon.
  5. Now you can get started making your wonderful scent together! Ask your child to smell each ingredient and chose the best smelling combination.
  6. Put a couple of tablespoons worth in the jar and give them a good pounding with your spoon. This bruises the petals or leaves and helps to release more scent.
  7. When your child is happy with the recipe, carefully pour some hot water on top so it covers all the ingredients.
  8. Let your jar sit for a while so the scent is released.
  9. Once you've let your jar rest, strain off the water and let your little one see what our perfume smells like!
  10. You can try this time and time again by experimenting with different scents to see what makes the best smelling combination. 

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