How To Sow Pea Shoots


Get your kids interested in peas by teaching them how to sow them. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Fill pot to about 3cm below the top with seed compost and firm it down.
  2. Place about 5-6 pea seeds on the top of the compost with space between them all.
  3. Add more compost until it reaches about 1cm from the top of the pot - again firming it down.
  4. Water the pot.
  5. Now place the pot on a sunny windowsill at home on a saucer then you can watch as the shoots start to grow.
  6. Add more water to the saucer if the compost is drying out.
  7. When the pea shoots are about 15-20cm tall, you can harvest your crop. Just take some clean craft scissors and cut the shoot just above the rim of the pot. You can then eat this raw on its own or in a salad. Or whip up a tasty stir-fry for your little one. 

For more gardening activities and games for your little one, book a free place at our monthly Little Seedlings Club now.

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