Peas & Beans Quiz


Find out how much your kids know about all the tasty peas and beans that they eat with our fun quiz. Read out the questions below and let them guess before you tell them the answer.

1. True or false: At one point peas were only allowed to be eaten by royalty

Answer: False- although when fresh peas were first introduced, they were considered a luxury product and the famous French King - Louis the fourteenth - even had a special pea bred by his royal gardeners that were particularly small and sweet - and those are what we now call petit pois which means 'little peas' in French.

2. True or false: The Romans used beans for voting

Answer: True - In the Roman senate, which is a bit like our parliament, the Romans voted on things using beans - a white bean put into the box meant 'yes' and a black bean meant 'no'. I'm not sure what a green bean would mean though!

3. True or false: Peas can be used to make plastic

Answer: True - starch can be taken out from a bean and used to manufacture a special type of plastic - called a bioplastic - which is quite often used to make disposable plastic items like straws, forks, knives, spoons and bottles

4. True or false: The tallest beanstalk in the world was taller than the Eiffel tower

Answer: False - only magic beans would get this tall! The tallest one was still over 14 metres high though, which is taller than three double-decker buses stacked on top of each other. However, there were no giants or golden geese at the top!

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