Bean Seed Activity

Bean Sprout

So now your kids know a lot of bean and pea facts it's time to find out the most important thing - how to grow them.

Well the good news is, it's very easy. You can simply pop them in the ground, somewhere sunny, keep them well watered and watch as they grow. It's a bit late to sow them in the ground now – but the exciting thing is it's really easy to watch how they grow. Show your kids how to grow them following the below steps: 

  1. Give your child a disposable plastic cups.
  2. Take some napkins/paper towels and scrunch them up into the beaker so it's nice and full.
  3. Using a jug of water carefully pour some water into the beaker until the napkins have soaked up enough to be really damp.
  4. Take one bean and push it carefully down the side of the beaker so you can still see it from the outside.
  5. Ask your child to check them every day, they will be able to see exactly what happens to a bean seed underground. 
  6. Around 10 days after you first planted the bean it will start to germinated with roots and sprout. Ask your little one if they can spot what's happened. 

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