How To Divide and Repot Plants

An even quicker way of making a new plant is by division. This works with lots of plants you will have growing in the garden. Let your little ones have a go at dividing some plants now by following the steps below:

  1. Choose a plant that you'd like to make some new plants from - we recommend bee balm (Monarda) or lambs ears (Stachys)
  2. Take the plant out of its pot
  3. Shake off the compost that comes away easily
  4. Hold the bottom of the plant just above the roots with both hands, and pull it apart. If you need a hand, just ask a grown up if they can help a little.
  5. You can do this again until there is quite a small plant but as long as it has roots and shoots it should be fine.
  6. Replant this in a new pot of compost and firm the compost back around it.
  7. Give it some water.
  8. Finally we need to trim off some of the top growth. This is because, however careful we are, there probably won't be enough roots to provide water for all of these leaves, so to give it the best chance of surviving before the new roots grow, we need to give it a haircut. So snip off about half of the top growth with your craft scissors.
  9. It's best to keep your new plant in a shady spot for a couple of days while it gets over the shock of being divided but after that you can put it in a sunny place - just make sure you keep it well watered. After a few weeks you could even plant it out in the garden.

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