Make A Badger Bookmark


Even if you don't spot a real badger with your little ones, you can make a very useful corner bookmark badger together. Follow these instructions and you can't go wrong:

  1. Download our activity booklet to get your template.
  2. Carefully fold the top left and bottom right corners together and smooth down the crease.
  3. Unfold it and then fold the top right and bottom left corners together, smooth down the crease and unfold it again.
  4. Now you'll see four triangles marked in fold lines. Cut out the top one carefully and throw it away.
  5. Now bend over the right hand triangle so it sits on top of the bottom triangle and add glue to the top surface.
  6. Fold over the left hand side triangle onto the glued surface and make sure it is stuck down.
  7. Next cut out the badger's stripes and nose, which are marked on a piece of paper, and stick these on with a glue stick.
  8. Add white stickers (or cut out white circles of paper and stick on with glue) as shown.
  9. Finally, use a black pen or cut out circles to add the badger's pupils.  

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