Fantastic Fern Art


Leaves make beautiful pictures when they're painted and fern fronds are especially pretty. Here's how to make a fern picture with your kids to keep them entertained.

You'll need:

  • Fern leaves
  • Paints in different colours
  • Paintbrushes or mini rollers
  • Paper
  • Newspaper/cover for your table


  1. Cover a table with some newspaper or a wipe-clean mat
  2. Prepare some different colour paints - any type of paint is fine
  3. Place a fern leaf with its underside facing up and cover the whole surface with paint
  4. Turn the leaf over and press it onto a piece of paper
  5. Lift the leaf off slowly and carefully to reveal a beautiful leaf print
  6. Repeat this to make a pattern
  7. Stick to one colour, use different colours or even paint a mix of colours on one leaf to make a rainbow fern. Whatever you choose, it will look fabulous.  

Download our ferns and mosses activity book for puzzles, crosswords and more that'll keep your kids entertained. 

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