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Ecozone Magnoloo Anti-Limescale Device For Toilets

Product code: 655019


Ecozone's Magnoloo is a long-term maintenance product that uses magnetic power to crystallise calcium particles in the water in the cistern of your toilet. This ultimately means that once the Magnoloo is placed into the tank, the water is softened to prevent limescale build-up from occurring. With the Magnoloo you won't need harsh chemicals and bleaches to remove stains and watermarks! The Magnoball can be used in conjunction with the Forever Flush 2000 Toilet Block, for a more effective environmental solution to maintaining your toilet. The chemical-free magnoloo can help to prevent or eliminate the unsightly stains of limescale built up in the toilet. How? Well when water is treated magnetically the calcium carbonate doesn't form a hard limescale but instead flows out of the toilet with the water when you flush.


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