Meet The Designer

From elegant hats to quirky socks, Lisa Beaumont combines fun and femininity in Powder’s accessories. 

When Lisa Beaumont and her business partner Luc Nicholls were debating a name for their business, they wanted something that would evoke a sense of femininity, fun and glamour. Powder fits the bill perfectly, encapsulating the brand’s quirky sophistication.


And so to fashion
Given Powder’s femininity, it’s hard to believe that Lisa was once a welder. “It’s true,” she laughs. “I absolutely love making things, and totally believe that design skills are really easily transferable from one medium to another.”

Before turning her hand to fashion, Lisa designed everything from metalwork to cosmetics – but she’s adamant that she won’t move on again. “I totally love it,” she says firmly. “It’s brilliant fun, and I prefer it because fashion moves faster than anything else and you can really, truly use your imagination.”

Lisa chose to focus on accessories because they allow women to create a whole new look without having to spend a fortune. “It’s fast-paced and it’s affordable for the average woman,” she observes.

“When Powder launched in 2009, there was a huge gap in the market when it came to affordable pieces for everyday women. We want a customer to feel instantly ladylike when she tries on one of our accessories – that’s what we strive for.”

Powder is based in the countryside outside Edinburgh, where Lisa’s labradoodle Flossie can bound around the fields at lunchtime. And while Lisa focuses on the business decisions and design, Powder’s co-founder, Luc, is in charge of branding. “He has a fantastic eye for it and customers love the gift packaging that comes with every product,” she says.

The design process
Lisa designs every accessory herself, creating up to 250 new pieces for each season.

“I’m a very visual person, so I sketch everything out first,” she explains. “At the core of each collection there tends to be a single design idea and everything just opens up from there. It could be anything – old books, colours in vintage wallpapers or something I’ve spotted on a walk. I always have a notebook with me so I can scribble down ideas.”

“Every piece in a collection co-ordinates with other pieces so, for example, a button detail on a glove will match a band on a hat. It’s worrying how obsessed I am with colour.”


An eye for detail
This attention to detail has won many fans – for example, the first year that Lisa added a range of gloves, they won an award for accessory of the year and three years on, they’re a key product. Customers are equally enamoured. “We get lots of really kind feedback, and that’s very encouraging.”

Autumn/Winter is Lisa’s favourite season. “I love the different textures, and you can go much further with the depth of colour. It’s lots of fun. In fact, my job is lots of fun. I love it.”

Autumn/Winter 16: Into the woods

Most of Powder’s collections tend to revolve around one single theme, and Autumn/Winter 2016 is no exception. “When I came up with the idea for this collection, I was really enjoying reading a vintage Rupert the Bear annual,” recalls Lisa. “I like the idea that the animals portray human characteristics, they have friends and relationships. I really love the colours in the book, too. So I sketched out a scene inspired by all this, with animals living harmoniously in a secret forest we don’t know about. They’re all heading home to their communal toadstool house, with a little front door and smoke coming out of it’s chimney – it’s kind of cosy and homely and very detailed. That scene is recreated on the woodland friends scarf, and the rest of the season’s pieces followed from there.”
One of Lisa’s favourite pieces from this season are the over-the-knee badger socks.

Top picks
We predict these items will be bestsellers in-store this season

Pretty in pink
These soft pastels could give new life to your wardrobe. Maggie Scarf in pale pink, £24.99


Hand in glove
These would go really well with the Maggie Scarf. Cristabel Gloves in pale pink, £16.99

Winter warmer
The lovely warm tones in this scarf will brighten up winter. Annie Scarf in tangerine, £19.99

You can find Powder accessories in most Dobbies stores – prices start from £5.99 for a purse.

Words: Katrina Hendley
Photos: Gill Murray