Christmas tree accessories: the essential trimmings

Once you’ve chosen your cut real tree, you’ll need to have some form of stand. These are available in a range of designs, and it’s worth going for the best you can afford. Consider how they adjust to fit the tree trunk and if they have an integral reservoir for water, which is an essential feature if you want to keep your tree in tip-top condition during the festivities and reduce any needle drop. Go for a sturdy design too, as it will help counterbalance the weight of the decorations and ensure your tree stays standing.


All our stands come with a guide to the tree size that they’re suitable for and their water capacity – trees drink up to a pint of water a day. To help a cut tree take up liquid, a good tip is to trim the bottom few centimetres off the trunk once you get it home. Our in-house expert, Craig Roman, also suggests leaving the netting on your tree until you’ve placed it in its stand and it’s in its final position, so you avoid battling with the bottom branches. You’ll find more helpful tips on taking care of your real tree here.

While a stand is essential and ensures your tree is sturdy, it can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to appearance – which is where a decorative skirt comes in handy. An American import, these are a clever way to hide the often unsightly base of a tree. We offer two styles to suit both traditional and contemporary tastes, including a Red Tinsel Snow Skirt and Birchwood Tree Skirt (available in two colours).

You can also use decorations to embellish the base of the tree until the presents arrive. A popular theme for this year is The Nutcracker, with its brightly coloured characters that evoke traditional Christmas scenes. We also have three parcel lights, lanterns, and Santa sacks to create a truly festive scene.

See our full range of accessories here, and find out how to set up the perfect Christmas tree.