How to choose your Christmas lights

No home is complete at Christmas without the perfect set of lights, and it can sometimes be a little daunting to know where to start your selection. At Dobbies, we have something for everyone, so here are a few pointers to help you make your choice.


What to look for before you buy your Christmas lights: 

  • Be sure of where you want to use your new lights, indoor only, outdoors or even both areas
  • Decide whether you would like multifunction twinkling lights or static if you prefer a constant lighting effect. We have both options available , and all our multifunction lights have a static option too

Advantages of buying LEDS lights:

  • Excellent durability
  • No replacement bulbs required
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Cool to the touch 

Types of LED string lights available: 

1. Standard LED String lights

  • One of the most popular options for decorating your home and tree, inside and out
  • Available in some colours all the way up to 960 lights
  • Four colour available in some sizes including pink, brand new to market
  • Evenly spaced lights along a cable, rather than in ‘drops’, these create a beautiful illumination
  • Great choice for decorating where your lights needs to be draped directly over an object
  • Longer lengths are perfect for hedges and fences
  • Each of our string lights come in handy plastic tubs, to keep and pack away your lights for next year.
  • This is a recommended number of lights per string that we would recommend for your tree height, and you will find this on every one of our trees. It is, however, all down to personal taste 

Tree height up to no. of lights

  • 4ft = 80
  • 5ft = 160
  • 6ft = 240
  • 7ft = 360
  • 8ft = 480
  • 9ft = 720

2 . Icicle LED string lights

  • Can create a beautiful hanging illumination from gutters, awnings or window frames , so they are shown their full advantage
  • Available in two colourways and two sizes
  • Check the lit length available, covers the area you are thinking of showing your icicle lights in
  • Remember that the lit length will be shorter than standard lights with similar numbers of LEDs , as each icicle includes a number of lights

3. LED Cluster string lights

  • Cluster lights feature densely spaced LEDs and are perfect to achieve a brightly illuminated display in your home or your garden.
  • Inside and outdoor use
  • Three colours and sizes available
  • Well suited to decorate Christmas trees and small interior spaces
  • All come in handy plastic tubs to pack away your lights and store until next year.

4. LED Battery operated string lights

  • Battery operated lights are becoming very popular at Christmas, to use all around the home
  • Most have a ‘Try Me ‘ function, try before you buy
  • Our range is larger than ever and includes copper wire lights, novelty strings and standard light strings
  • The standard light strings are for indoor and outdoor use, available in three colours and three sizes. They feature a timer function to save electricity during daylight hours and are ideal for decorating banisters, wreaths and garlands, table displays or even jazzing up a Christmas jumper

Other lighting available at Dobbies

Novelty light strings

  • Large range of novelty light strings are available this year, many with LED bulbs
  • Includes a string of 160 retro bulbs, available in two colourways, perfect for outdoor decoration
  • Mosaic mirror balls, with a constantly colour changing effect
  • Chasing icicle lights, a brand new contemporary look in lighting, look wonderful in windows
  • All of our Low Voltage novelty lights have transformers for safe operation


  • Outdoor decorating enthusiasts will find comprehensive range of garden silhouettes
  • Rope light reindeers, inflatable Christmas figures with flashing lights, two dimensional Santa designs to climb up to the chimney
  • Path markers to welcome your Christmas visitors