Fantastic Christmas Lights



There’s nothing quite like the magic of the sparkling twinkle of the Christmas tree lights when you’ve turned the main lights off. Whether they’re icicle or cone lights, static or chasers, traditional-looking bulbs or super-bright LEDs, you’ll find something to suit every taste and budget in-store and online. They’re even available with different colour wires so you can choose a colour to match your tree, or clear, so that they will be hidden.

To hang them on the tree, start at the base of the trunk and work your way up the tree. Ideally, to give your tree a sumptuously sparkling look, wrap lights around every major branch, moving from the trunk to the tip and back again.

Our in-house expert, Craig Roman, suggests warm white tones are best for interiors, cool whites for outdoors and multi-colour lights for fun-filled festivities. He recommends 100 lights per foot of tree to create that glitzy ‘magazine’ look. Check out his tips for decorating your tree here.

If you love the bewitching sparkle of your tree, why stop there? It’s easy to adorn your home with strings of lights – along the mantel, up the banisters and around doors – to create a festive feel once dusk falls.

We have an unrivalled collection of imaginative lighting, so there’s something for every room in the house, whether you’re looking for a traditional feel with a red metal lantern; festive family fun with a Santa LED lantern or an elegant Christmas Net Light to dress your window.


Take them outside

Once the inside of your home is dressed with lights, why not brighten up the dark, wintery evenings over the holidays by filling your garden with beautiful sparkling lights and conjuring up some festive magic outside your home?

While ‘less is more’ is a good philosophy to adopt when decorating your home, Christmas is the time to throw away the rule book and go for more is more, especially when it comes to outdoor lighting. Transform trees, topiary and bushes with strings or nets of lights, embellish containers and statuary and if you have a tree that can be seen by passers-by, why not hang lights on that too. You can even light up your doorstep.

Solar-powered lights are perfect if you don’t have an outdoor power supply and if you are hooking up to the grid, it’s advisable to choose LED lights as they’re brighter and more energy efficient.

You can choose from an array of designs at Dobbies, from simple strings to fun light-up Santa signs, and colourful retro bulbs to stylish black copper tea light holders and box lanterns.

And if you’re up for the full Hollywood-style of decorating the outside of your home, we have a range of figures and Christmas characters to create dazzling effects and festoon your neighbourhood with festive cheer!

See our full range of Christmas lights.