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Carrot Resistafly 'Torsi's' F1 Hybrid Seeds

Product code: 258659

Carrot Resistafly F1 Hybrid (Maincrop) brilliantly combines insect resistance and crop yield to provide one of the best carrots out there! An F1 Hybrid with the same tolerance to Carrot Root Fly as Carrot Flyaway it produces larger, blunt ended, cylindrical roots with a deliciously sweet flavour. Carrot Resistafly is a Nantes type with good early vigour, a smooth skin and excellent core colour. The uniform 15cm roots store particularly well. Carrot Resistafly F1 Hybrid is perfect for the organic gardener, providing an all round quality crop with great taste and an ideal size, along with an extremely helpful natural resistance.

Approximate number of seeds in packet: 350


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