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The Coffee Filter Trick

It can be tricky keeping soil moist but with our coffee filter trick you can't go wrong.


Regrow Spring Onions

Some vegetables are so clever they can regrow themselves! Try our easy way to regrow spring onions.


The Tool Cleaning Trick

Use our bright idea to clean and store your gardening tools while you're not using them.


Plant Pot Table

Turn a terracotta pot into an eye-catching side table with our Bright Idea.


Pots In A Pot Trick

Keep your pots looking fresh and in season with our pot in a pot trick.


Easy Chiminea Peaches

Chimineas are great for keeping you warm during summer evenings but have you tried cooking on it? It's easy with our Bright Idea.


BBQ Fish With No Fuss

Follow our tried and tested trick with lime slices to avoid your fish sticking to the BBQ grill and to create this delicious Thai-inspired dish.

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Bright Ideas for Autumn

We've been collecting clever garden hacks from our staff and Rewards members to share with you