Ideas for your garden


Our Top 4 Reasons For Planting Winter Pansies And Violas

Pansies and violas are plants that provide reliable colour to beds, borders, planters and hanging baskets.


Autumn Gardening Ideas

From planting and growing to feeding and harvesting, take a look at our gardening ideas and advice for autumn.


How to: Love your lawn

Stop your lawn getting unruly this Autumn with our top tips.


How to: Grow your own fruit

Imagine harvesting fresh fruit from your own back garden – crunchy apples, juicy raspberries, tangy gooseberries and more could all be there for the picking.


Must do autumn tasks

Keep gardening this autumn with our must do tasks.


Our Top 5 Crops

Whether you've got a vast garden, an allotment, or simply a patio and some pots to work with, the possibilities and perks of growing your own vegetables are endless.


Birdcare and Wildlife

From each bird's foodie favourites to how to attract hedgehogs to your garden, get our top tips.


Autumn In Our Restaurants

Find out what we're cooking up this autumn with our new menu.

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Autumn Recipes

Apples, pumpkins, rhubarb and more. Explore our seasonal recipes for autumn.