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Floral map of the UK by Dobbies reveals mums’ favourite flowers, just in time for Mother’s Day

13 March, 2015

For anyone in need of inspiration ahead of Mother’s Day, look no further than Dobbies Garden Centres’ vibrant map of the UK showing the favourite flowers of mums across the country.

Inspired by the top choices of mums in thirty cities, the ten foot map comprises more than 2,000 individual flowers, expertly placed by a team of craftsmen and florists. While roses and lilies remain the most popular1, there are more surprising and unusual stems making their way into mums’ hearts, gardens and vases.

Spring tulips, garden pansies and elegant orchids are hot on the heels of the traditional favourites2, with purple and orange petals making an appearance in the Midlands, North, Wales and Scotland behind pink and yellow as the most coveted overall.

Surprisingly, porcelain-like white is one of the least favoured colours on the map, with only white lilies making it in Coventry and Swansea and mums side-lining white orchids entirely in favour of their pink counterparts.

Andy King, Managing Director at Dobbies, says: “We know mums will love receiving any gift this Mother’s Day, but this map may just help those who want to give their gift a little extra thought.”


1 Roses and lilies were both selected by fourteen out of thirty cities, making them joint most popular flowers.

2 Tulips, pansies and orchids were second, third and fourth most popular flowers respectively.

Mums’ top 10 favourite flowers:

  1. Bright pink roses
  2. Yellow roses
  3. Pink lilies
  4. Yellow tulips
  5. Orange lilies
  6. Pink tulips
  7. Pink orchids
  8. White lilies
  9. Purple pansies
  10. Orange tulips

Mums favourite flowers across the UK:

  • Aberdeen - Yellow roses, Pink orchids
  • Aberystwyth - Purple pansies
  • Belfast - Bright pink roses, Pink tulips
  • Birmingham - Pink lilies
  • Brighton and Hove - Yellow tulips
  • Bristol - Yellow tulips
  • Cambridge - Pink lilies
  • Cardiff - Orange lilies
  • Chelmsford - Yellow pansies
  • Coventry - Bright pink roses, White lilies, Yellow pansies
  • Edinburgh - Orange lilies
  • Glasgow - Bright pink roses
  • Gloucester - Bright pink roses, Orange lilies
  • Leeds - Bright pink roses, Orange lilies, Yellow tulips
  • Leicester - Bright pink roses
  • Liverpool - Yellow tulips
  • London - Pink tulips
  • Manchester - Orange tulips, Yellow roses
  • Newcastle - Bright pink roses
  • Norwich - Pink lilies
  • Oxford - Bright pink roses
  • Plymouth - Yellow roses
  • Portsmouth - Yellow tulips
  • Sheffield - Yellow roses
  • Southampton - Pink orchids, Pink tulips
  • Swansea - Bright pink roses, White lilies, Pink lilies, Yellow tulips
  • Wolverhampton - Orange lilies
  • Worcester - Bright pink roses, Orange lilies
  • Wrexham - White lilies
  • York - Pink lilies
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Floral map of the UK by Dobbies reveals mums’ favourite flowers, just in time for Mother’s Day