Carrier Bag Funds

Carrier bag funds

All Dobbies stores across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland, along with other retailers, are required to charge a minimum of 5p for carrier bags. As a result, we’re pleased that we have already seen a reduction in usage of new carrier bags.

Where does the money go?

In Scotland and England, the money raised from each Dobbies garden centre will go to the store’s chosen Local Charity Partner for nine months of the year, and for the remaining three months it will go to our National Christmas Charity Partner.

In the past year, funds have been donated to Together for Short Lives, The Wildlife Trusts (as our 150th Anniversary Charity Partner in spring/summer 2015) and Teenage Cancer Trust.

In Northern Ireland, the 5p charge from all stores is collected by the Department of the Environment. The government then distribute funds amongst green environmental projects in Northern Ireland.

How much money has the carrier bag charge raised?

Over the last financial year (4th April 2015-6th April 2016) we’ve collected just under £20,000 in funds for good causes and charities through charging for carrier bags. By country this is broken down as follows:

Scotland: £11,499.15

Northern Ireland: £413.70

England: £6,185.85 (From the 5th of October 2015, when the legislation was introduced)