Week 9: 30th May

To Do:

  • If the days are warm, put the baskets you planted up a few weeks ago outside but keep an eye out for any late frosts. If you haven't got round to it, we can plant up your baskets in-store for you.
  • It's time to thin out your hardy perennial and veg seedlings - simply follow the instructions on your seed packets.
  • If frosts have passed, plant out your sweet peas with a wigwam for support.
  • Make sure the hardy annuals that you planted in Week 7 are watered, and if they're germinating, thin them out.

To Enjoy: 

  • The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is on this week (24th-28th May). Tune in to be inspired and discover the garden trends for this year.
  • Perennials and summer bulbs will be budding up now so look out for promising buds on your alliums and carnassias.