Week 6: 2nd May

To Do:

  • Lift and divide perennials to increase your stock. This can be done about every three years. If you're not sure how to do it, our staff can help.
  • Plan your summer container displays. We'll have a great variety of plug plants in-store now, but make sure you have a frost-free place to keep them while they establish.
  • Reseed bare patches in your lawn, or returf now, and apply a spring feed to give it a boost before the summer.
  • Make sure you don't feed your lawn straight after seeding/turfing though.

To Enjoy:

  • It's the Beltane Fire Festival this Bank Holiday weekend (30th April), so why not invest in a fire pit and invite friends over to celebrate? Everybody loves to gather round a fire!
  • Love or loathe them, the common daisy will be flowering in our lawns now. It's a sign that summer is coming.