Week 5: 25th April

To Do:

  • Apply a layer of mulch to beds and borders when the weather is warm and the soil is moist. It will help retain the moisture in drier times.
  • Tie in new growth on clematis and honeysuckle as it grows.
  • Give your garden a neat finish by tidying up the lawn edges using a half-moon edging tool, or electric grass trimmer.
  • You can add year-round interest in your garden with topiary, and now is a great time to buy plants for containers or borders.

To Enjoy:

  • Get the kids into the garden to help make a scarecrow to keep birds off your seedlings. If that's too much like hard work, you can buy one in-store!
  • Crown imperials (Fritallaria) will be putting on a show now and it's a good time to admire early flowering rhododendrons, too.