Week 3: 11th April

To Do:

  • Chit seed potatoes (encourage them to sprout) by placing them in a light and warm spot in trays before planting, but protect the shoots from frost.
  • It's time to assess your old garden furniture - does it need renovating or replacing? Come and browse in-store for inspiration, we've got lots of styles to choose from.
  • Plant strawberry plants now - they'll be in-store, and they work well in containers or hanging baskets. 
  • Check out our 'How to Grow Strawberries' video and give it a go.  

To Enjoy:

  • 11th-17th April 2016 is National Gardening Week - check out any local events in your area by going to www.nationalgardeningweek.org.uk
  • Signs of life are beginning to show now: look for tips of peonies and crown imperials (Fritallaria) starting to push through the soil.