Week 2: 4th April

To Do:

  • Give roses a good start by feeding them with a balanced fertiliser and pruning them back to a healthy bud.
  • Deadhead daffodils if they've gone over, but don't cut back the foliage until it turns yellow.
  • Plant perennials now in groups of three for great results and early flowers. Our staff are always happy to help if you're not sure what to plant.
  • Sow herbs in a cloche or growhouse ready for a tasty selection in the summer. When they're ready to go outside, a sunny spot is essential.

To Enjoy:

  • After an afternoon in the garden, it's lovely to pull up a chair and enjoy some hot chocolate by a fire pit.
  • If you have native primroses in your garden, they'll be out now. Look out for red flowering Chaenomeles (wall shrubs) and the first blooms of Anemone nemorosa (wood anemoone), too.